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dentist nakashima
dentist nakashima

Nakashima Dental Office provides total dental care to the highest standards currently in practice in Europe and North America. Dr. Nakashima continually researches the latest advances in every aspect of dental care - from oral health and safety precautions to skilled restoration and cosmetic treatment - to provide a level of care and treatment unmatched in Japan, and in keeping with the world's highest standards. This is reflected in the fact that nearly three-quarters of Dr. Nakashima's patients are foreign residents from over 40 countries around the world. Please feel free to consult with Dr. Nakashima before starting any course of treatment. Your trust is the most important factor in quality dental care.


Dr. Nakashima believes the basis of good dental health begins with a healthy oral environment, particularly the gums and jaw bones which serve as the foundation of the teeth. If this foundation is not healthy, any treatment to the teeth themselves, no matter how skillful and extensive, will be in vain. While there have been remarkable advances in artificial teeth and tooth implants in recent years, from the standpoints of health and cost, there is still no substitute for healthy natural teeth. Accordingly, Dr. Nakashima gives first priority to restoring teeth and gums to their best natural condition in all courses of treatment. Only this approach can assure optimum dental health in the long run.

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