Advanced Dental Care

(Comprehensive Dentistry)

Advanced Dental Care

(Comprehensive Dentistry)

Superior Materials and Techniques

Safety and compatibility with the human body are the most important factors in selecting materials for dental treatment. Materials used in all forms of treatment - from gum and root treatment to filling cavities and adjusting bite - meet the strictest standards for safety and bio-compatibility. These same strict standards apply for materials used in tooth whitening and other forms of cosmetic dentistry, so you can select any course of treatment with complete confidence.

The Most Advanced Technology

Dr. Nakashima is a member of a number of professional dental associations in both the U.S. and Japan. He keeps current on the latest advances in dental technology and materials by attending seminars as well as frequent reference to the Web sites of professional dental associations and other companies and organizations. Dr. Nakashima also makes use of the newest, most advanced equipment, including fiberscopes and microscopes, to assure the highest level of treatment.

Treatment to Enhance Appearance and Image

Nothing proclaims health and success like a smile from a beautiful set of healthy teeth. Dr. Nakashima is well versed and experienced in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry, including whitening, lamination, restoration and astonishingly natural looking bridgework. In addition, chronic halitosis can be addressed through advanced forms of gum treatments designed to restore optimal oral health, resulting in better self-image and confidence in social situations.

The Finest Professional Associates

Dr. Nakashima's commitment to the highest level of care extends to his choice of professional dental associates and hygienists. Astonishingly realistic tooth replacements are crafted by Mr. Hiroyuki Hatada, a renowned dental ceramist whose career includes eleven years in New York City. Mr. Hatada was the first Japanese person to earn certification as a Master Dental Technologist from the American Society of Master Dental Technologists (

Periodic Cleaning and Checkups

Tooth cleaning and checkups are recommended every three months to ensure early discovery and treatment of dental maladies. Tooth cleaning and scaling are far more thorough than the norm, extending below the gum line to ensure optimal dental health.

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